Grade A Frozen Chicken Wings

Grade A Frozen Chicken Wings

Check out below why our Grade A Frozen Chicken Wings is the best:

  • We source our chicken wings from the most reliable and authentic sources
  • We store our products at the best suitable temperature (-18 Degree Celsius)
  • Our Grade A Frozen Chicken Wings are always available in washed, clean, fresh and feather-free condition
  • The outer skin is peeled off in our wings so that you get ‘ready-to-use’ chicken wings with white skin
  • No issue of dealing with extreme presence of bloodstains/blood
  • Absence of bad odour and minimum moisture content
  • The weight is 80 gram plus for each piece
  • You find least broken bone content (which is even less than 2 percent)
  • Bruise-free wings with least black spots


Best quality Grade A Frozen Chicken Wings that taste delicious and give you an awesome experience while you try various recipes with our frozen chicken wings (Grade A). While you place an order for the same, we want you to glance through the top highlights of our product.

Place an order today and get ready to enjoy fresh and delicious Grade A Frozen Chicken Wings. We, at Evergreen Exporter, accept orders from authorized buyers as well as companies (directly involved). Contact us for more info/feedback/query


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