Chicken Gizard

Chicken Gizard

Highlights of Evergreen Exporters Chicken Gizard:

  • Our Chicken Gizards come from most reliable sources that are organic and health conscious
  • The Chicken Gizards available here are stored at perfect and most suitable temperature (-18°C to 24°C) so that the taste or quality remains unaffected
  • With least amount of blood or stains, we deliver chicken gizards that are properly cleaned, washed and packed
  • Our Chicken Gizard is perfect for any gizzard recipe including broths, stocks, soups and more
  • We claim for best quality, fresh and nutritious chicken gizards that come with a good amount of meat.
  • The flavour of our chicken gizards is irresistible, tempting and just as you wish them to be!


Fresh and unparalleled quality of Chicken Gizard at Evergreen Exporters. The rich, fresh and fleshy Chicken Gizard available here is ideal for different cooking styles including the processes of frying, grilling and boiling. Our chicken gizzard is organic and absolutely matches the expectations of those who are looking for amazing taste, health as well as nutrition.

Evergreen Exporters ensure perfect packing and safe delivery too so that you get your Chicken Gizards in the perfect condition at your doorstep. Order today and enjoy our top quality chicken gizards. Contact us for more info or queries.


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